What people are saying about Noctilessence

Rose Abdo

"I was exposed to this essential oil technique during my senior year of undergraduate studies. To date, I have had 10 months of experience with this product.

Like many, I have read about the positive benefits of essential oils. Since using lavender patches, I have found anxiety and insomnia relief resulting in a restful nights sleep.

The lavender patches are wonderful because they continually release the scent over the course of a nights sleep. With this aid, my wandering mind has been put as ease. Furthermore, I discovered that it was easier to fall back asleep if I had awaken while using the patch.

Amongst the many positive benefits - I favor that this is a natural product for sleep relief. It is easy to try, stop or jump back in at any moment.

My biggest misconception before using the patches was that the oils would enter my skin. For clarification, the patch simply sticks to you and the oils release from the pack outward. With this in mind, I highly recommend using the Noctilessence Lavender Patches to ease a worried mind and nighttime anxiety associated with insomnia."

Mary Ingebrand-Pohlad

"Until recently, sleep was never an issue for me.  Suddenly, my sleep patterns changed dramatically and several nights each month, I would find myself awake until 4 or 5 am. Melatonin and Ambien seemed to ensure a full night of sleep, but I never felt rested upon awakening. Not wanting to become Ambien dependent, I discovered and tried the Noctilessence patch. Iā€™m not wild about the smell of lavender, but it has been a small price to pay for a sound , full night of sleep! I have urged everyone I know  to give them a try (including my internist!!)"

Barb C.

"I was introduced to the Noctilessence lavender patches by a good friend. I've had a lot of issues sleeping the past five years and have tried many different options but was still searching. My integrative Doctor did some tests and my body just doesn't make enough melatonin. I know essential oils have so many compelling properties that I decided to give these a shot. The very first night I had a calm, peaceful sleep. I've been using them pretty much every night since then!  Breathing in the lavender helps you achieve the calm state needed to fall asleep.  If you're having trouble sleeping, I highly recommend you try these!!"